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Year List of Rey Larsen

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Bird Name Location Town County Date Notes
81 Gray Catbird Middletown Newport 24-Jan-2012
80 American Kestrel Middletown Newport 20-Jan-2012
79 Peregrine Falcon Newport Newport 19-Jan-2012
78 Ring-necked Duck Coventry Kent 14-Jan-2012
77 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Newport Newport 11-Jan-2012
76 Northern Flicker Newport Newport 11-Jan-2012
75 Fish Crow Middletown Newport 11-Jan-2012
74 White-breasted Nuthatch Newport Newport 11-Jan-2012
73 Clay-colored Sparrow Portsmouth Newport 11-Jan-2012
72 Great Egret Jamestown Newport 07-Jan-2012
71 Winter Wren Jamestown Newport 07-Jan-2012
70 Northern Pintail Cumberland Providence 06-Jan-2012
69 Yellow-rumped Warbler Jamestown Newport 06-Jan-2012
68 White-throated Sparrow Middletown Newport 06-Jan-2012
67 Bonaparte's Gull Middletown Newport 05-Jan-2012
66 Ruddy Duck Middletown Newport 05-Jan-2012
65 Brant Middletown Newport 05-Jan-2012
64 Northern Harrier Middletown Newport 05-Jan-2012
63 Purple Sandpiper Middletown Newport 05-Jan-2012
62 Snowy Owl Middletown Newport 05-Jan-2012
61 Red-bellied Woodpecker Middletown Newport 05-Jan-2012
60 Barrow's Goldeneye Jamestown Newport 04-Jan-2012
59 Common Goldeneye Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
58 Pied-billed Grebe Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
57 Ruddy Turnstone Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
56 Greater Scaup Newport Newport 03-Jan-2012
55 Harlequin Duck Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
54 Red-throated Loon Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
53 Common Loon Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
52 Sharp-shinned Hawk Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
51 American Coot Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
50 American Tree Sparrow Middletown Newport 03-Jan-2012
49 Double-crested Cormorant Narragansett Washington 02-Jan-2012
48 Black Vulture Hopkinton Washington 02-Jan-2012
47 Green-winged Teal Newport Newport 02-Jan-2012
46 White-winged Scoter Westerly Washington 02-Jan-2012
45 Great Cormorant Narragansett Washington 02-Jan-2012
44 Great Blue Heron South Kingstown Washington 02-Jan-2012
43 Turkey Vulture Hopkinton Washington 02-Jan-2012
42 Cooper's Hawk South Kingstown Washington 02-Jan-2012
41 Lesser Black-backed Gull Charlestown Washington 02-Jan-2012
40 Blue Jay Newport Newport 02-Jan-2012
39 Eastern Bluebird Charlestown Washington 02-Jan-2012
38 Song Sparrow South Kingstown Washington 02-Jan-2012
37 Northern Cardinal South Kingstown Washington 02-Jan-2012
36 House Finch Jamestown Newport 02-Jan-2012
35 American Goldfinch Jamestown Newport 02-Jan-2012
34 Wild Turkey Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
33 Horned Grebe Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
32 Northern Gannet Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
31 Ring-billed Gull Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
30 Canada Goose Newport Newport 01-Jan-2012
29 Mute Swan Coventry Kent 01-Jan-2012
28 Gadwall Portsmouth Newport 01-Jan-2012
27 American Wigeon Portsmouth Newport 01-Jan-2012
26 American Black Duck Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
25 Mallard Portsmouth Newport 01-Jan-2012
24 Common Eider Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
23 Surf Scoter Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
22 Black Scoter Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
21 Bufflehead Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
20 Hooded Merganser Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
19 Common Merganser Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
18 Red-breasted Merganser Jamestown Newport 01-Jan-2012
17 Cattle Egret Jamestown Newport 01-Jan-2012
16 Red-tailed Hawk Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
15 Sanderling Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
14 Herring Gull Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
13 Great Black-backed Gull Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
12 Rock Pigeon Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
11 Mourning Dove Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
10 Downy Woodpecker Newport Newport 01-Jan-2012
9 American Crow Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
8 Black-capped Chickadee Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
7 Tufted Titmouse Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
6 Carolina Wren Newport Newport 01-Jan-2012
5 American Robin Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
4 Northern Mockingbird Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
3 European Starling Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2012
2 Dark-eyed Junco Newport Newport 01-Jan-2012
1 House Sparrow Newport Newport 01-Jan-2012